Getting Accepted into a RN Program and Passing my CNA Exam!

Hello! It has been a very busy and exciting week for me! Let me start off by saying…

I GOT ACCEPTED INTO AN ADN NURSING PROGRAM!!! It was my number one pick for an ADN program, and I am so ecstatic about my acceptance! Also…

I PASSED MY CNA EXAM!!! It was so nerve-wracking and I am so happy it is finally over… now onto applying for CNA jobs! Let me tell you a little bit more about my experience with both…


HOLY CANOLI! Who knew I’d get accepted into my #1 pick for an ADN Nursing Program… I mean WOW! So, I was working with my client, and I got a call from the school, and they told me over the phone that I was accepted. The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my god…“, and the woman on the other end giggled. My heart was racing and I started sweating, it was just this great adrenaline rush, and I immediately started crying after I got off the phone with her. I had to call my mother, fiancé, and grandmother as soon as I could. They were so happy for me!

Later after work, I was able to go to the school to sign my acceptance letter to make it OFFICIAL! I celebrated with some of my family that night with some Mexican food and a margarita for sure!


WHEW! That is a weight off my shoulders! I finally get my weekends back! Hallelujah! More time for studying Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry, yay!

I have been recommended by other people and I, myself, recommend to people to become a CNA before nursing school. When I was reviewing how I did with each skill, the RN (proctor) mentioned that everything I learned in this CNA course, is everything that will be seen in the first semester of nursing school. I am happy to be a little ahead of the game! I am very much relieved as well…

In case you were wondering the skills I got for my test were:

  • Hand washing* (this skill is mandatory)
  • Bed pan
  • Transfer patient from bed to chair using a gait belt
  • Measure the weight of a patient

I received my certification through the American Red Cross, and I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a fantastic program to get their own certification! It is a very thorough program and well worth the money if you get the right instructor!

Overall… I am on cloud nine right about now… this week was amazing! I hope you are having a good one!


Why am I Becoming a RN?

Why do I want to become a RN? One of the hardest careers in the workforce? Well… that’s not so easy to answer… you see, I’ve always been interested in the medical field since I was a little girl… instead I wanted to work as a Veterinarian with big, exotic animals.

Why did I switch to humans? Well, it made me really upset to know that one day I’d have to see animals passing away, and that was too much for me to handle… Now… I’m not saying a human being’s life is less sufficient, and any life being lost is an absolute tragedy.

One day, I was talking with one of my friends (who is one of my Bridesmaids), who is currently a RN herself… and as I was working on an art project (when I was previously majoring in art) I started asking her about the pros and cons about nursing. She had very few cons about nursing and all the rest (about 95%) were all pros. She was so proud to be a nurse, she had nothing against it, and worked with all of her heart. So I decided, right then and there that I wanted to be a Registered Nurse.

I grew up as a child watching “Baby Story” on TLC, and was so fascinated by the births that were shown. After volunteering in a Post Partum Department at two different hospitals, I was so sure that that is what I wanted to do… Labor and Delivery. Who knows what I may want to do during my clinicals during nursing school, but as for now, my heart is set on first working in either Med Surg, Telemetry, or ICU, and then transferring to a specialty (that being L&D).

I have worked in the medical field as well, and I have done resident/patient/client care, and still currently do. I enjoy caring for people who need it, and it is very satisfying for me to see these people get back up on their feet, or even to just be the support for the dying.

Wherever I am, I just want to be that nurse that puts a smile on someones face and makes a difference in their life. One nurse that makes a difference, can make a huge impact on someones life. No one WANTS to be in the hospital, no one WANTS to be under care. So, to make a good time out of a bad one… well… that takes skill, and I want to be that nurse with that skill. Not only to make a difference for the patient, but for their family that is suffering too.

I’m not giving up on makeup, but rather making it a hobby (whenever that may be). Nursing is absolutely in no means “easy”, as I’ve heard from many nurses, but it is a very rewarding career. If my career can make myself and others happy, and allow me to help and restore people in my care, then that is truly an amazing career, and is something to be proud of. I am proud to be on the road to nursing, and I am proud to one day be Nurse Nicole!

TEAS V, and Kaplan Exam

A month went by already? WOW… Time flies by when you’re having f-… I mean studying, STUDYING MY BUTT OFF!

Let me tell you, the Kaplan Exam and TEAS V exam are something you definitely need to study for. I wish I had given myself more time to study. Instead, I had to study for exams, do o.chem hw, attend CNA clinicals on the weekends, etc… excuses, excuses. And on top of it all, I think I misaligned my spine somehow during clinicals… Chiropractor, here I come! Anyways, enough about me… lets hear about the tests!

Now, I cannot disclose anything specific on the tests because I signed a contract, however I can tell you how I felt about each test and how I think the grading will be regarding my applications.


This test was computerized, and I was able to find out my results right then and there. Unfortunately, I did not score as high as I would have liked, therefore I will most likely not be considered for the program.

As for studying for this exam, I do not suggest studying from a Kaplan book purchased online. I do not feel that this book prepared me for anything that this exam tested me on. I don’t know of any alternatives than the actual Kaplan book, but do not waste your time or money! You have been warned…

For scoring, you are graded on every question, and there are not many questions per section, so be very careful when answering, because a few incorrect answers can bring your score down very quickly.


I will be receiving my results after the weekend, and I am praying almost every hour that I score high on this exam. I am hoping I did better on this exam. It is so important to me that I get into a program this period. It is also important I get a high score because most nursing programs only take the first score anyways. PLUS, I will be sending my TEAS V score from to all the programs I applied to, and that score is obviously the same for all of those programs…

A remediation program is not the plan because that will just lengthen my time in becoming a RN…. and nobody wants that!

The difference between the Kaplan Exam and the TEAS V, is that the TEAS V exam has a lot more questions being asked in each section. Also, the TEAS V only scores an allotted amount than the full amount.

For example: If the reading section had 60 questions, then only 53 questions will be scored.

Cool huh? I think that works well in my favor, especially since I feel “iffy” on 1 or 2 of the sections.

UPDATE (3/6/16): I got an above average score on the TEAS V, nothing spectacular, and nothing terrible. I’m content with what I scored. Do your very best and STUDY!


Applying for a Nursing Program

Check, check… one, two, is this thing on?

Oh hi! I’m back! Time for an update…

So I turned in 2 applications for ADN nursing programs… and can I tell you… how… NERVE WRACKING it was! Talk about being OCD and organized x100!

I also turned in transcripts to schools that require in-person deliveries, but online applications. I’m hoping to be doing one of those online applications tomorrow for the BSN program I plan on applying to.

Some questions that I came up with, that might not seem like a big deal, but are worth asking to just be sure:

  1. What paperwork is needed for a name change?

Some may require a court decree, license, etc…

  1. Do you need letters of reference for previous healthcare work experience/volunteer experience?

Some programs have a point system that give more points on the reference letters (usually more points with worked experience), and some don’t need the letters at all, but the BSN program I am applying to didn’t specify, and the nursing counselor did not mind taking a copy of my reference letters to be added with my application

  1. Do you need copies of High School Diploma or Official Transcripts?

Before I figured out I had my degree stated on my community college official transcript, I needed to provide High School Transcripts… be cautious and order an extra official transcript from your main college of where you obtained your AA/AS/BA/BS/etc., and make sure it is stated on the official transcripts before turning them in.

Here are some questions for turning in transcripts or applications:

  1. Does the program require you to turn your application in with a checklist they provide online?
  2. Does the program require you to turn your application in a specified envelope?
  3. What transcripts do they require?
  4. Do they require hand delivery of transcripts or mailed-in?
  5. Online or physical application?
  6. Does the program require an evaluation or counseling appointment prior to applying?
  7. Can the application be filled out through Adobe? (It looks nicer)
  8. Are you using the correct student ID#? (Can be disqualified if it is wrong)

8a. Does the program require you to have a student ID# before applying?

  1. Where do you turn in your transcripts prior to applying? (admissions and records, or nursing department for example)
  2. Does the application require a student email?

10a. Are you using the correct student email? (Can be disqualified if it is wrong)

If there are any other questions, I will add them… but for now, this seems to be very true to how I’m organizing my thoughts.

I also have a huge binder that had a separate folder for each program I plan on applying to… The printer and scanner are your friends! Excel spread sheets are also nice to lay out the deadlines for nursing programs and to show who you have delivered what to, etc.

Any questions? Join my Facebook group here 🙂



So you stumbled upon this blog, in hopes that you can read about someone else experiences on their way to nursing, correct? If yes, you are in the right place!

This blog is to show you how I am experiencing this road to nursing, however, this blog IS NOT telling you what you should or should not be doing with your own plans of becoming a RN. I highly encourage you to find the path that works best for you in your own personal situation(s). We all have different lifestyles, and my path might not necessarily fit yours. Now onto a little bit about me…

My name is Nicole! I just finished my Microbiology course at my community college which FINALLY made me eligible for my Associates degree in Natural Science… I am engaged to the most amazing man in the whole entire universe, and I have too many pets that make my heart melt from their cuteness.

Now that Microbiology is over with (FINALLY)… I am starting to put all my information together on all the colleges I plan to apply to for nursing programs (mostly ADN programs). I am currently taking a CNA Program in hopes that I will get more education, bedside manner, and possibly a job, so that I can save up before going into a nursing program; we all know I won’t have a life once in a program… Bye mom!

With the amount of programs I plan on applying to, I would HOPE that I would get into at least one of them…

Right now, all I can really do is focus on the CNA Program, study for the TEAS V and other entrance exams that are related to the TEAS V. Even though I have already completed my Associates, I plan on taking 3 more classes that are(n’t) necessarily required for ADN’s but will be either used for an ADN program, or required for CSU’s in the future (for example: O. Chem) for a BSN bridge program…

I’m excited… are you? Follow me on my road to being Nurse Nicole!