Applying for a Nursing Program

Check, check… one, two, is this thing on?

Oh hi! I’m back! Time for an update…

So I turned in 2 applications for ADN nursing programs… and can I tell you… how… NERVE WRACKING it was! Talk about being OCD and organized x100!

I also turned in transcripts to schools that require in-person deliveries, but online applications. I’m hoping to be doing one of those online applications tomorrow for the BSN program I plan on applying to.

Some questions that I came up with, that might not seem like a big deal, but are worth asking to just be sure:

  1. What paperwork is needed for a name change?

Some may require a court decree, license, etc…

  1. Do you need letters of reference for previous healthcare work experience/volunteer experience?

Some programs have a point system that give more points on the reference letters (usually more points with worked experience), and some don’t need the letters at all, but the BSN program I am applying to didn’t specify, and the nursing counselor did not mind taking a copy of my reference letters to be added with my application

  1. Do you need copies of High School Diploma or Official Transcripts?

Before I figured out I had my degree stated on my community college official transcript, I needed to provide High School Transcripts… be cautious and order an extra official transcript from your main college of where you obtained your AA/AS/BA/BS/etc., and make sure it is stated on the official transcripts before turning them in.

Here are some questions for turning in transcripts or applications:

  1. Does the program require you to turn your application in with a checklist they provide online?
  2. Does the program require you to turn your application in a specified envelope?
  3. What transcripts do they require?
  4. Do they require hand delivery of transcripts or mailed-in?
  5. Online or physical application?
  6. Does the program require an evaluation or counseling appointment prior to applying?
  7. Can the application be filled out through Adobe? (It looks nicer)
  8. Are you using the correct student ID#? (Can be disqualified if it is wrong)

8a. Does the program require you to have a student ID# before applying?

  1. Where do you turn in your transcripts prior to applying? (admissions and records, or nursing department for example)
  2. Does the application require a student email?

10a. Are you using the correct student email? (Can be disqualified if it is wrong)

If there are any other questions, I will add them… but for now, this seems to be very true to how I’m organizing my thoughts.

I also have a huge binder that had a separate folder for each program I plan on applying to… The printer and scanner are your friends! Excel spread sheets are also nice to lay out the deadlines for nursing programs and to show who you have delivered what to, etc.

Any questions? Join my Facebook group here 🙂


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