TEAS V, and Kaplan Exam

A month went by already? WOW… Time flies by when you’re having f-… I mean studying, STUDYING MY BUTT OFF!

Let me tell you, the Kaplan Exam and TEAS V exam are something you definitely need to study for. I wish I had given myself more time to study. Instead, I had to study for exams, do o.chem hw, attend CNA clinicals on the weekends, etc… excuses, excuses. And on top of it all, I think I misaligned my spine somehow during clinicals… Chiropractor, here I come! Anyways, enough about me… lets hear about the tests!

Now, I cannot disclose anything specific on the tests because I signed a contract, however I can tell you how I felt about each test and how I think the grading will be regarding my applications.


This test was computerized, and I was able to find out my results right then and there. Unfortunately, I did not score as high as I would have liked, therefore I will most likely not be considered for the program.

As for studying for this exam, I do not suggest studying from a Kaplan book purchased online. I do not feel that this book prepared me for anything that this exam tested me on. I don’t know of any alternatives than the actual Kaplan book, but do not waste your time or money! You have been warned…

For scoring, you are graded on every question, and there are not many questions per section, so be very careful when answering, because a few incorrect answers can bring your score down very quickly.


I will be receiving my results after the weekend, and I am praying almost every hour that I score high on this exam. I am hoping I did better on this exam. It is so important to me that I get into a program this period. It is also important I get a high score because most nursing programs only take the first score anyways. PLUS, I will be sending my TEAS V score from ATItesting.com to all the programs I applied to, and that score is obviously the same for all of those programs…

A remediation program is not the plan because that will just lengthen my time in becoming a RN…. and nobody wants that!

The difference between the Kaplan Exam and the TEAS V, is that the TEAS V exam has a lot more questions being asked in each section. Also, the TEAS V only scores an allotted amount than the full amount.

For example: If the reading section had 60 questions, then only 53 questions will be scored.

Cool huh? I think that works well in my favor, especially since I feel “iffy” on 1 or 2 of the sections.

UPDATE (3/6/16): I got an above average score on the TEAS V, nothing spectacular, and nothing terrible. I’m content with what I scored. Do your very best and STUDY!



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