So you stumbled upon this blog, in hopes that you can read about someone else experiences on their way to nursing, correct? If yes, you are in the right place!

This blog is to show you how I am experiencing this road to nursing, however, this blog IS NOT telling you what you should or should not be doing with your own plans of becoming a RN. I highly encourage you to find the path that works best for you in your own personal situation(s). We all have different lifestyles, and my path might not necessarily fit yours. Now onto a little bit about me…

My name is Nicole! I just finished my Microbiology course at my community college which FINALLY made me eligible for my Associates degree in Natural Science… I am engaged to the most amazing man in the whole entire universe, and I have too many pets that make my heart melt from their cuteness.

Now that Microbiology is over with (FINALLY)… I am starting to put all my information together on all the colleges I plan to apply to for nursing programs (mostly ADN programs). I am currently taking a CNA Program in hopes that I will get more education, bedside manner, and possibly a job, so that I can save up before going into a nursing program; we all know I won’t have a life once in a program… Bye mom!

With the amount of programs I plan on applying to, I would HOPE that I would get into at least one of them…

Right now, all I can really do is focus on the CNA Program, study for the TEAS V and other entrance exams that are related to the TEAS V. Even though I have already completed my Associates, I plan on taking 3 more classes that are(n’t) necessarily required for ADN’s but will be either used for an ADN program, or required for CSU’s in the future (for example: O. Chem) for a BSN bridge program…

I’m excited… are you? Follow me on my road to being Nurse Nicole!


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