Getting Accepted into a RN Program and Passing my CNA Exam!

Hello! It has been a very busy and exciting week for me! Let me start off by saying…

I GOT ACCEPTED INTO AN ADN NURSING PROGRAM!!! It was my number one pick for an ADN program, and I am so ecstatic about my acceptance! Also…

I PASSED MY CNA EXAM!!! It was so nerve-wracking and I am so happy it is finally over… now onto applying for CNA jobs! Let me tell you a little bit more about my experience with both…


HOLY CANOLI! Who knew I’d get accepted into my #1 pick for an ADN Nursing Program… I mean WOW! So, I was working with my client, and I got a call from the school, and they told me over the phone that I was accepted. The first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my god…“, and the woman on the other end giggled. My heart was racing and I started sweating, it was just this great adrenaline rush, and I immediately started crying after I got off the phone with her. I had to call my mother, fiancé, and grandmother as soon as I could. They were so happy for me!

Later after work, I was able to go to the school to sign my acceptance letter to make it OFFICIAL! I celebrated with some of my family that night with some Mexican food and a margarita for sure!


WHEW! That is a weight off my shoulders! I finally get my weekends back! Hallelujah! More time for studying Pharmacology and Organic Chemistry, yay!

I have been recommended by other people and I, myself, recommend to people to become a CNA before nursing school. When I was reviewing how I did with each skill, the RN (proctor) mentioned that everything I learned in this CNA course, is everything that will be seen in the first semester of nursing school. I am happy to be a little ahead of the game! I am very much relieved as well…

In case you were wondering the skills I got for my test were:

  • Hand washing* (this skill is mandatory)
  • Bed pan
  • Transfer patient from bed to chair using a gait belt
  • Measure the weight of a patient

I received my certification through the American Red Cross, and I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a fantastic program to get their own certification! It is a very thorough program and well worth the money if you get the right instructor!

Overall… I am on cloud nine right about now… this week was amazing! I hope you are having a good one!


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