Lifestyle Organization

So, you found yourself here because you want to become more organized. While I am not an expert, I do like to think that I am a little OCD when it comes to having my life organized. So here are something tips and tricks that I do to keep myself organized and on top of things!


I put Post-It notes EVERYWHERE! Whether it is reminders, short lists for shopping, important information, these little guys are awesome! It is also very invigorating when you can throw them away because you got something done!



No… I’m not talking about your calendar on your phone… I’m talking about a physical planner that you can WRITE down important dates, deadlines, homework, etc. I personally like to separate my personal life (work, events, etc.) from school. In that case, I have two different planners. One for “life” and one for “school”, because we all know that school doesn’t involve a life 😀

I also keep a desk calendar so I can see everything right in front of me when I’m studying at home. The planners I take with me everywhere, you never know when you’re going to have to make plans/appointments!


Filing Cabinet

I have a two drawer filing cabinet (one drawer for me, and one for my fiancé). This is great to have if you: 1. Like to hoard papers 2. Like to file away and have a safe place for all important documents. A few of my folders I have in my filing cabinet are: “Doctor”, “Pets”, “Car/DMV”, “School”, you get the idea. Some come with locks too!

Binders, Folders, and Clear Pockets

I personally hoard binders… BUT… there is a but… It is great when you have a bookcase and need quick access to different things. For example: I kept a big binder for when I was applying to nursing programs. If you’d like to see how I put that binder together, please see this post. I also keep a separate binder for the nursing program I got into with all the handouts and important information I am given and need to turn in before I start the program, how I put that binder together is also located on this post. A couple other binders I keep are a fitness binder (has healthy meals, workouts, etc), a home binder (has quick medical info for emergencies), and a certificates binder (has all my certificates in clear pockets that I don’t feel need to be hung up, useful in case I need to make copies).

I use folders in the binders for loose papers that aren’t as important but need for reference. I also use clear pockets to display important documents so that I can flip through them faster and they are protected!


I’m the type of person who really does not like an existing inbox. In that case, I made folders kind of similar to how my filing cabinet is set up. If the email is important enough, I’ll “move” the email to the corresponding folder. If set up right, you can get to important emails much faster without having to scroll your inbox for hours.


Phone Apps I Like for Organization

As much as I like to do things physically and write things down, these apps are hands down, amazing!

Cam Scanner – Useful for scanning with your phone.


AnyList – For your grocery shopping.


Notability – For note taking (See my post here for how I take notes).



If I find more ways I keep myself organized, I will update this post, but as for now, this is my go-to!

If you would like in-depth descriptions for any of these, please email me to request it!

Have an organized day! 😉





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