Keeping Myself Busy

If you’re anything like me… you are probably impatiently waiting to start nursing school like I am… but I realize I have to keep myself busy until then. Here are some activities I am currently doing as well as plan on doing over the summer to keep myself busy:


That’s a given. I plan to work as much as I can and save up as much as I can for my wedding/honeymoon. I’m not too sure how much I plan on working once I start my nursing program, but I was told that the absolute maximum I should work while in nursing school is 16 hours. Nursing school is a full time commitment and requires almost 50 hours a week of class, clinical, and study time.


I decided to take a pre-nursing class which goes into depth about different study skills. Not only is this keeping me busy, but I’m getting a little sneak peak into how the nursing program will pan out. It seems as though I can’t give myself a break from school because I feel this need to be doing SOMETHING. I’ve been going to school non-stop since Fall 2014, whether it be many classes or just one. I’m that crazy girl who enjoys school and studying!

Painting, Scrapbooking, and Sewing… Oh My!

I absolutely love being crafty… my only problem is finishing something I start! HA! I’ve organized and dedicated a portion of my office to my craft supplies. Different crafts I like starting have to do with:

  • painting (acrylic and watercolor)
  • sewing
  • scrapbooking
  • knitting/crocheting
  • wood burning
  • photo album assembly.

These crafts keep me busy, and also challenge me to be creative! It also stimulates my need to be doing something.


Hellooo… blogging of course! I also plan on making videos for YouTube as I’ve announced in my previous post. Some topics I plan to tackle are:

  • Preparation for Nursing School
  • My Journey through Nursing School
  • Organization
  • Q & A’s
  • And much, much more!
  • (If you have a request or suggestion, please email me!


I feel like every person entering a nursing program should rest as much as they can, and prepare themselves for what is to come. I’ve heard different opinions from previous nursing students and friends who are RN’s, of what to do before starting. Majority of these individuals have suggested resting. You deserve it! Sleep in, nap, watch Netflix, workout, go out and have fun (as time allows). I personally suggest simulating a schedule similar to what your schedule will be like for nursing school about a month before. Waking up early right off the bat will be awful if you don’t get yourself used to it beforehand.

Most of all… have fun, be healthy, and stay cool!

Have a beautiful day!



I’m on YouTube!

Hello everyone! Quick update… I’m on YouTube!

So I was totally nervous making this “welcome” video, but I’m sure I’ll loosen up over the upcoming videos I intend to upload.

Follow the link here to my first video:

Welcome to Future Nurse Nicole!

If you’re interested in seeing videos that go into more depth of my blogs, or you have a request about nursing, organization, or just school in general, please feel free to send me an email, and I’ll do my best to help out!

Please subscribe if you are interested in seeing more. The support is awesome!

I’ll be posting more blogs shortly. I’ve been preparing for a summer course that is starting tomorrow 🙂

Have a cool day! (It has been super hot where I am… summer is NOT my season)



Summer Reads

Happy June! It is the first day of June and I feel like ripping apart my whole office to do some “Summer cleaning”. In the midst of doing that, I plan on doing some light reading because I’m enjoying the days where I don’t have anything to worry about, especially since I will not be able to do that once I’m in my nursing program. Here are three books I found on my trip to Barnes and Noble:

Anatomy & Physiology made Incredibly Visual 2nd Edition by Janyce G. Dyer


If you have read my post about studying, then you will know that I am a visual learner. This was an awesome find since it will be great to lightly review any anatomy and physiology. This was around $50 at Barnes and Noble.

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Inspiration for Nurses by Amy Newmark and LeAnn Thieman


Even though I am not a nurse yet, I still love reading stories from nurses. Just a little inspiration will get me even more excited for what is to come in the following 2 years and beyond. This was around $15 at Barnes and Noble.


Saunders Guide to Success in Nursing School by Susan C. deWit


This isn’t necessarily a book that I would sit down to read, but rather a guide for when I am starting my nursing program. I’ll probably skim through it to see what I am getting into. This was around $20 at Barnes and Noble.

Along with these books I have assignments due for the first week of school. These assignments include a lot of reading from the assigned textbooks we were told to purchase.

I’m also taking a prep course over the summer that will be an eye opener for incoming nursing students. I’m doing my best to keep myself busy, but it is so weird because I have haven’t had free time like this in a while. Maybe I’ll return to some hobbies I started back when I had the free time… when was that? HA!

If you have any suggestions for some “Summer reads”, please shoot me an e-mail!

Have a wonderful day! Ciao!