Summer Reads

Happy June! It is the first day of June and I feel like ripping apart my whole office to do some “Summer cleaning”. In the midst of doing that, I plan on doing some light reading because I’m enjoying the days where I don’t have anything to worry about, especially since I will not be able to do that once I’m in my nursing program. Here are three books I found on my trip to Barnes and Noble:

Anatomy & Physiology made Incredibly Visual 2nd Edition by Janyce G. Dyer


If you have read my post about studying, then you will know that I am a visual learner. This was an awesome find since it will be great to lightly review any anatomy and physiology. This was around $50 at Barnes and Noble.

Chicken Soup for the Soul – Inspiration for Nurses by Amy Newmark and LeAnn Thieman


Even though I am not a nurse yet, I still love reading stories from nurses. Just a little inspiration will get me even more excited for what is to come in the following 2 years and beyond. This was around $15 at Barnes and Noble.


Saunders Guide to Success in Nursing School by Susan C. deWit


This isn’t necessarily a book that I would sit down to read, but rather a guide for when I am starting my nursing program. I’ll probably skim through it to see what I am getting into. This was around $20 at Barnes and Noble.

Along with these books I have assignments due for the first week of school. These assignments include a lot of reading from the assigned textbooks we were told to purchase.

I’m also taking a prep course over the summer that will be an eye opener for incoming nursing students. I’m doing my best to keep myself busy, but it is so weird because I have haven’t had free time like this in a while. Maybe I’ll return to some hobbies I started back when I had the free time… when was that? HA!

If you have any suggestions for some “Summer reads”, please shoot me an e-mail!

Have a wonderful day! Ciao!




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